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Le Brouillard

Clouds of Motivation

Like my carkeys from time to time, motivation can be hard to find. Even if you’re convinced your idea is the best idea since.. I don’t know, the internet, if you don’t act on it nothing is going to happen. I know sometimes there is just no energy to actually do anything other than bingewatch Netflix and find food to inhale because chewing is just too much work. Often you just have to motivate yourself (or let Shia LaBeouf do it), but sometimes it just shows up.

The fog

It’s thursdaynight, 11-something p.m. I’ve been working since about 8 a.m. and just started my 1 hour drive home. I’m already pretty tired and the dark repetitive highwaylandscape (or lack thereof) isn’t helping. I’m yawning more than I blink my eyes, opening my mouth so wide you’d think a dentist is about to pull out my wisdom teeth. Luckily, not even 10 minutes into the drive, I see something. Or rather, I don’t see anything. There’s a big fogbank coming from the surrounding grasslands creeping onto the road. 

I look to my right and see this amazing scene; a field, covered in a soft looking white blanket of clouds, as if someone had just put it to bed. The moon, a streetlight and a passing car make for the perfect 3-light set up. I take the next exit. Google Maps is shouting at me “TRY TO TURN AROUND FOR GOD’S SAKE” (disclaimer: dramatization), but I keep going. I try to guide myself towards that field using the age old skills of orienting myself using the pole star and setting a waypoint in my GPS. After about 15 minutes of small roads, smaller roads, and what I think can only be described as super mega crazy off-roads, I reach the field I’d seen from the highway. 

I spent the next hour and a half or so making images of the fog. Using my car as a tripod and my much-needed sweater as some kind of ballhead I tried to capture that which had captured me (I know, so deep.) Not one yawn was yawned during that time. I was cold and exhausted, but the thought of getting even just 1 cool image made adrenaline take over my bloodstream faster than a proton in the large hadron collider.

In this kind of moment there is nothing except for me, my camera and the subject. Just that feeling of thinking about the image you want and trying to get it is just amazing, there are few things I enjoy more. I feel very blessed that a simple thing like some fog, a cool reflection in a window, or basically anything that catches my eye can make me get up and do something with it. I can only hope everyone has something that makes them feel the same way, and that a bit of fog might appear in their lives from time to time.

Oh, and in case you are curious about the images: