Monthly Archives: October 2015

Halloween Mini Game

It’s Halloween! For this evening of scary fun I have made a little game for you! Below you will see a collage which I have made using only my own pictures. Underneath you will see all the images I have used to make the collage. BUT! There is one picture that I did not use! […]

Sverige part 1

Ever since an amazing trip to the Canadian Rockies a summer ago, I knew I wanted to go out and explore again soon. After stumbling upon a link on Facebook called “Europe’s 10 most epic hiking trails” by chance, I discovered the Kungsleden (meaning King’s Trail) in Sweden. I’m not 100% sure why out of […]

Le Brouillard

Like my carkeys from time to time, motivation can be hard to find. Even if you’re convinced your idea is the best idea since.. I don’t know, the internet, if you don’t act on it nothing is going to happen. I know sometimes there is just no energy to actually do anything other than bingewatch […]